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Our portable and durable Micro USB cable conveniently connects to all of our devices for ultra fast charging. Whether you own the Ryoko, Enence, Poliglu or LingoGet, you can quickly top up your power, keeping you connected and fully charged wherever you go.

Don’t trust your devices with cheap imitations

Poorly made USB cables can crack, making them a safety hazard for both your devices and your entire home. Exposed wires can cause electrical shock, power surges and even lead to fires.

When you make the smart choice and order our Micro USB Cable, you can be sure that you are buying one of the highest quality USB cables on the market. Made with durable materials, these cables won’t crack or kink and will always keep a secure connection and charge to all of your devices.

Hi-Speed Chip

Safe Protection

Unprecedented Strength

Aluminium Shielding

Precision Insulation

28-AWG Wiring

Nylon Shielding

TPE Shielding

22-AWG Wiring

What makes our Micro USB Cables different?

Our Micro USB Cables are created with durability and strength in mind. We went above and beyond to create a product that could withstand anything that you put it through. Whether you are travelling the world, or just hitting the streets of your hometown, we wanted to provide you with a Micro USB Cable that you could depend on to always be able to charge your devices.

Nylon Shielding

Our outer nylon shielding offers protection from the elements and gives flexibility and durable protection to the USB cable.

TPE Shielding

Thermoplastic Elastomer is a material that is made up of a combination of rubber and plastic. It is extremely flexible and strong, adding an extra element of durability to the cable.

Aluminium Shielding

This aluminum shielding layer provides strength and form to the Micro USB Cable. It offers a protective shield to keep the inner wires safe and provides a barrier from electrical currents.

Precision Insulation

Using only the highest quality insulation, we ensure that the wires are always protected and you are always kept safe from electrical currents.

28-AWG and 22-AWG Wiring

We use only the most superior wiring in our Micro USB Cable to ensure the best conductivity and highest electrical output.